Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size pool do most people build?

A: It depends on several factors. Budget, location, is it for a small family, or large family use? Will I use it for entertaining? Most common is probably in the 18 x 36 foot range.
Q: Gunite/Shotcrete of Vinyl liner pool? What are the pros and cons?
A: Gunite/Shotcrete cost are higher to build and the build usually takes longer. On the other hand you can basically design your on pool with the Gunite/Shotcrete pools.

Q: How long do Vinyl liner pools last?
A: It depends on several different factors. If maintained properly your pool liner should last 10 - 15 years.

Q: What are some of the additional items that can be added to a pool?
A: Different types of Steps and Swimouts. Waterfalls, Jets, Diving Boards, LED lighting. Pool covers, Cleaners, Slides, Spas, options for sports play in pools and different types of coping options. If you have something different in mind please ask us.

Q: What items are standard with a NEGA Pools and Spa package? 
A: Liner, Handrails, Ladder, Clear light, Step, Maintenance Kit, Startup chemicals, and 8 yards of finished concrete.

Q: How much is 8 yards of concrete?
A: 648 square feet. One yard is 9 feet x 9 feet x 4 inches thick or (81 square feet).

Q: What if my property is not level and I have a large hill?
A: This will not be a problem. Retaining walls can be built by digging down to a desired height that all parties agree to.

Q: How long does it take to build an average size pool? 
A: It depends on several factors. Weather has a major role, then size and shape, location, time of year, just to name a few. But on the average you could figure on 3 to 4 weeks.

Q: If I have a saline (salt) pool will I need any other chemicals?
A: Yes, you still need to balance your water. PH, Alkalinity, Algecide and Calcium Hardness.Salt generator replace chlorine.

Q: What can I figure on for an annual cost of an 18 x 36 pool?
A: If you keep your water tested and do as NEGA Pools and Spas recommends, it should be in the area of $150.00 annually for a salt pool and $375.00 for chlorine.

Q: Do you recommend a pool cleaner? 
A: Absolutely

Q: How often do I backwash my sand filter?
A: It depends on the amount swim load. On general when your pump pressure increases 10 - 20 pounds, it's time.

Q: How often do I need o change my cartridge filter?
A: When pressure increases and flow is restricted then it's time to clean. If cleaned and pressure builds to quickly then it's time to replace the cartridge filter.

Q: How much weekly maintenance is involved in a pool?
A: If you follow the instructions of NEGA Pools and Spas and tested your water regularly, and invested in an automatic pool cleaner, your weekly pool maintenance should take 15- 20 minutes.

Q: Do energy efficient motors save that much money in electrical cost?
A: That would depend on the motor you've chosen. James Williams with NEGA Pools and Spas would be glad to discuss that in detail with you.

Q: Will NEGA Pools and Spas come to my house and do and onsite evaluation for a new pool? 
A: By all means we will be glad to discuss you pool project with you and we also offer free evaluations.

Q: Is NEGA Pools and Spas Insured:
A: Yes

Q: What type of warranty does NEGA Pools and Spas provide:
A: 1 year on the plumbing and whatever the MFG warrant is on difference pieces of equipment.